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How do you keep satellite electronics cool?
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November 2021

🛰️Electronic devices with reduced size and increased power are key for #space applications to open up a new world of possibilities with innovative applications!

HEATPACK project supported by EU Horizon 2020 Space aims at developing the building blocks to solve the thermal management issues associated with the use of these components and unlocking their potential!

✨ Adamant Composites together with the project partners has developed and characterized a film adhesive that works as a thermal interface material to bond RF and LF electronic packages and components in satellites.

A huge thanks to TAS for leading this project and to all our partners for the excellent teamwork: AlterSpain, AlterUK, Bristol university, CSEM, EGIDE, Politechnika Warsawska, RHP.

👉 Published in the EU Research journal (AUT’21/P.52) - click here to find out more.

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