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Monday, January 1st 2021

📚 We are delighted at Adamant Composites Ltd. to share our latest research paper “Roll-to-Roll In-Line Implementation of Microwave Free-Space Non-Destructive Evaluation of Conductive Composite Thin Layer Materials” published in the Special Issue Nanotechnology: Techniques and Instrumentations for Modelling and Characterization Data of the Applied Sciences Journal from Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute [MDPI].

This research was made possible through the H2020 research project MMAMA European Project.

Special thanks to our co-authors Kamel Haddadi from IEMN CNRS, Ferry Kienberger from Keysight Technologies and Ivan Alic from Johannes Kepler Universität Linz.

Read the entire paper on the MDPI website, using this link.

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